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Social Responsibility:


Introduction and Overview


As a responsible trader we are committed to the future of our employees, our suppliers, our community and the environment. We recognise that our activities have a wide impact on our physical and social environment and we work to ensure that this impact is a positive one.


We achieve the above by investing in our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our environment including and, where possible, beyond compliance with UK law.


On a regular basis we undertake training and re-training programmes for our staff relating to new products and changes in equipment.


Our Health and Safety Policy is run on British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) guidelines and we ensure that it complies with current law. We follow the BPIF guidelines on employment legislation and actively use their expertise to ensure we comply in matters of employment law.


Within employees' various skill factors we actively encourage our staff to aspire to advancement within the company.


We actively practice 'good housekeeping' on environmental issues and, as well as having contracts with designated specialist waste disposal companies to remove anything of a toxic nature, are involved with recycling schemes in conjunction with materials suppliers.


We have established a varied range of suppliers with whom we have excellent relationships. We ensure that they work to the same exacting standards as us and comply with existing UK law. We, in turn, ensure that they are paid on time within our existing agreements.


We endeavour to work with our local community to improve the social environment. We donate to local charities and encourage schools to participate in work experience schemes.


We undertake continuous audits and reviews of our policies and ensure that all members of staff are updated on a regular basis by way of internal notices.


In summary, our objective is to:


Integrate environmental, health, and safety standards into our business operations in order to reduce risks, minimize impacts and work toward an incident-free workplace;

Continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance throughout the product life cycle in order to eliminate pollution to the environment;

Engage in dialogue with our employees, customers, and the public to address their environmental, health, and safety concerns relating to our operations and products;

Assess environmental, health and safety performance with regularly scheduled audits of our operations.

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